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                >> Specialized production:
                auto mould, bumper mould, blowing mould, pet preform mould, crate mould, plastic chair mould, pallet mould, table mould, dustbin mould, pvc fitting mould, washing machine mould, refrigerator mould, air-conditioner mould

              1. Automobile Mould
              2. Home Appliance Mould
              3. Household Goods Mould
              4. Blowing Mould
              5. Bottle Cap Mould
              6. Pallet Mould
              7. Pet Preform Mould
              8. PVC &PPR Fitting Mould
              9. Rack Mould
              10. Smc Mould
              11. Thin Wall Mould
              12. Motorcycle Mould

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