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                >> Specialized production:
                auto mould, bumper mould, blowing mould, pet preform mould, crate mould, plastic chair mould, pallet mould, table mould, dustbin mould, pvc fitting mould, washing machine mould, refrigerator mould, air-conditioner mould

              1. Automobile Mould
              2. Home Appliance Mould
              3. Household Goods Mould
              4. Blowing Mould
              5. Bottle Cap Mould
              6. Pallet Mould
              7. Pet Preform Mould
              8. PVC &PPR Fitting Mould
              9. Rack Mould
              10. Smc Mould
              11. Thin Wall Mould
              12. Motorcycle Mould

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                Quality Control

                1.At East Mould, the quality process starts at the very beginning of each project.

                2.We demonstrate this commitment by providing high quality tooling, designed and manufactured so that our clients receive the greatest value.

                3. We define quality as total customers' satisfaction. This drives us to settle for nothing less than excellence in all aspects of our business as we continuously improve our strong compliment of staff and processes.

                4. Once the CAD data is received the mould will be manufactured, moulded, tested and inspected with in-house Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM).

                5.All of these activities are carried out in our factory to strict quality control guidelines by our experienced staff to ensure they meet our customers' specific requirements.


                 Mould Flow

                CAD Design, 2D Model
                3D Design
                CAE Analysis

                  CAM High Precision Milling
                EDM, 3D Design
                Mould Test
                Assemble Test
                  Mould Assembly
                Mould Tryout   Package

                Client provide us datum ,such as(idea,model,samples,2D or 3D drawing),Useing CAD to translate client`s information into 3D drawing,to make fast molding products or make expeditious mould base on client`s requirement.Using expert evaluation systerm and CAE analyse to optimize mould structure ,and to design by three-dimension parts.After adopting CNC.EDM processing,cavity polishing ,we will produce by ourself or outer-assistant processing while the material inspection has proved eligible.


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